ConfigurationManager vs WebConfigurationManager vs CloudConfigurationManager

In my recent post, I have explained various ways of storing application settings and connection strings for the web application hosted in Azure App Service. Let’s now see what .NET Framework provides us to consume these settings from the code and when to use what?.

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Find out the best way to configure settings for your Azure Web App

Even though we have a great documentation for each of the azure offerings available, it is our job to study all of the options, compare and choose the one which best suits our application needs.

Configuring application settings for Azure Web App is one such topic where we have multiple options to maintain these settings. Let’s look at those options and see when to use what.

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Upload files to Azure Web App via FTP

Recently, I was spending some time on Stack overflow and found an interesting Question on our today’s headline topic. The Question is based on Official Azure Documentation on Uploading files to Azure Web App via FTP.

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Extract a zip file stored as Azure Blob with this simple method

Ever got a scenario wherein you receive zip files into Azure Blob Storage and you are asked to implement a listener to process individual files from the zip file?

If you’re already working on azure PaaS services, I don’t need to explain you how to implement a listener or a blob trigger using azure function app but what i wanted to focus in this post is to extract the zip file contents into an another blob container and process individual files in it.

Let’s get started…

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