Extract a zip file stored as Azure Blob with this simple method

Ever got a scenario wherein you receive zip files into Azure Blob Storage and you are asked to implement a listener to process individual files from the zip file?

If you’re already working on azure PaaS services, I don’t need to explain you how to implement a listener or a blob trigger using azure function app but what i wanted to focus in this post is to extract the zip file contents into an another blob container and process individual files in it.

Let’s get started…

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New type of URI Routing in MVC 5 – Attribute Routing

This article walks you through the new method of URI Routing introduced in ASP.NET MVC 5 called Attribute Routing.

What You’ll learn:

  • Why Attribute Routing?
  • How to enable it?
  • Various available options to work with it.

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Understanding ASP.NET MVC Routing Mechanism

This article explains how the URL Routing mechanism works in ASP.NET MVC architecture.
What You’ll learn:

  • URL Routing
  • Working with Default and Custom Routes
  • Applying Constraints to Routes

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Serializing & Deserializing – .NET Managed Object to XML

This article guides you to serialize any managed .NET object to XML and how to deserialize it back to .NET object

What You’ll learn:

  • Serialialization & Deserialization overview
  • Serializing a .NET object to XML with an Example
  • Deserializing XML back to the .NET Object with an Example

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Encrypt and Decrypt Data using .Net Framework

This article explains how we can Encrypt and Decrypt data using .Net Framework

What You’ll learn:

  • Namespace – System.Security.Cryptography
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Algorithms
  • Symmetric –  Key and IV (Initialization Vector)
  • Asymmetric – Public Key and Private Key
  • Encryption and Decryption

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